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Beauty in diversity

Bel brings a fresh, light feel and casual elegance to any bathroom. And it offers an unusually wide range of options too. Vanity units, cabinets, illuminated mirrors and mirror cabinets, washbasins and sit-on basins – everything is meticulously designed to coordinate with everything else and function perfectly. Thanks to the multitude of finishes available for the bathroom furniture and an array of ceramic, mineral cast and glass washbasins, Bel has something to suit virtually any taste.

From casual and natural all the way to upmarket and flamboyant: Bel has countless faces. The finishes range from matt white and wood effects all the way to high-gloss lacquer in both subdued and striking colours. On the one hand the different finishes underscore Bel’s subtle design, on the other – depending on the fronts chosen – they can be used to create bathrooms with a highly distinctive character.

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Welcome variety and practical details. Ceramic, mineral cast or glass? A vanity top or a sit-on basin? With Bel, you can choose from more than 50 washbasin variants and furnish your bathroom according to your personal preferences. And this design line pulls out all the stops when it comes to the other bathroom furnishings too. The range includes everything from sideboards and shelves to mid-height cabinets with a laundry hamper and make-up compartment, all the way to a full-length mirror with a storage door.

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